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Equipment List

CVT-1(All kinds of notebook)

We are committed to explore the new products. This year, we’ve developed some new technology process to make product more creative. In the same time, in order to offer more benefit to the customers, we’re trying best to cost down. We’ve a very professional management team in Sales, Marketing and Production. They are experienced in controlling the quality and efficiency on our production. Meanwhile, a lot of new energetic employees had been trained in the past years to make YPP competitive all the time.

CVT-2(Office paper)

We are committed to explore the new products. This year, we’ve developed some new technology process to make products more rich supported by years of commercial paper production and marketing experience. In the last ten years, YALONG PAPER has produced all kinds of papers creatively. For example: multi-color high-speed commercial web printing machine with imported automatic trimmer etc. Yalong has Industry leading equipments, and supported by professionals to provide copy paper, computer paper, fax paper, form printing, etc to provide a commercial printing one-stop service .


This CVT has complete equipment, from cutting paper to print, after processing to the forming and other production equipment will be completely. To make sure good quality, we use the full set of production process, control the cost expense effectively, reduce production losses. At each stage of the production of each product is under strict quality inspection in order to meet customer requirements of product specifications.

CVT-4(Paper bags)

YALONG PAPER PRODUCTS CO.,LTD is a collection of packaging design and development, production, sales as one of the company. The main products are: color box, paper bag, handbag, environmental protection bag, special paper and art paper. Over the years, through continuous exploration and the introduction of foreign advanced technology equipment, production technology and excellent design team, Yalong have become a pioneer in the industry .

CVT-5(Fancy paper)

Yalong’s CVT-5 main products are fancy paper including pearlized paper and embossed coated paper. Basing on the advantage of paper of the APP group, combined with the advantage instrument and technique process, all these are for offering our customer for the competitive products and solutions of special packaging material.