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Chairman's word

APP's business inChinabegan in twentieth Century90 inthe early 1990s

In 1992, DengXiaoping published the southern tour speech, I followed my father to return to the motherland, began APP in the development road of China. After seventeen years,China's economy has achieved remarkable accomplishments. With the rapid development of China's economy, APP has also been made to develop fast and healthy in China. Today, APP has 20 wholly-owned or holding pulp and paper enterprises and more than 20 Farms in china, the total assets of about 80,000,000,000 Yuan.

EnteredChinaseventeen years, APP is growing, and the process of forestry pulp paper integration "green paper" concept into practice .Of course, the development of APP inChinais not plain sailing. We have experienced many difficulties and setbacks. But in the community care and support, APP has tried to move on, Continue to challenge the limits the pursuit of perfection.

With the fast development of Chinese economy,China's paper industry is in rapid development period. As the only company ranks among the world's paper industry ten strong Chinese Enterprises, APP has always been committed to the heritage of Chinese papermaking civilization, and the use of modern technology to realize green recycling paper industry. Through the "Forest Pulp paper integration", APP is constantly through their own efforts and Practice to promoteChina's paper industry reform and modernization. Especially in the aspect of the protection of natural resources and the ecological environment, APP has invested a huge sum of money, papermaking science and technology innovation, in order to realize the harmonious development of paper industry and the natural, ecological and social .

Our mother - the earth is only one, APP knows the significance of resources and ecological protection. In China , APP is a forest planting the largest pulp and paper enterprises. The trees we cut, we will plant back a replacement, so the endless cycle of forest resources .At the same time, artificial forest can absorb a large amount of CO2, release O2 to form a green circular economy.

In the energy-saving emission reduction and environmental pollution control, APP's Jindong paper industry has become China's paper industry the first industrial tourism enterprises. Once the dirty, disorder and poor papermaking factory, has now turned into tourist attraction. This makes APP people feel proud! Here, we very much welcome the social from all walks of life to visit APP, and put forward valuable suggestions.

Paper is the pride of Chinese civilization. It is one of the four great inventions of ancient China. Cai Lun invented papermaking and changed the course of the world civilization. In the great environment economic booming development of the motherland, APP will strive to become the world's first paper group upholding the ancestor’s tradition of the "four great inventions” and keep innovating for the world civilization. Let’s move forward!