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APP(Asia Pulp & Paper)

On 15th Jan.2010, APP China won a prize of China contribution multinational company of 2009. On 21st Jan 2010, APP once again won the award for low carbon title of China's contribution to the international enterprise in the annual low carbon forum.

On 21st August 2010, APP won the "2010 China's low carbon ten innovative products" award again.

On 22nd August, 2010, Five companies under APP group including Gold east, Gold Hai, Ningbo Zhonghua, Ningbo Asia pulp paper, Golden HongYe, Gold Huasheng had their products certificated by the State Environmental Protection Department, and access to the "China environmental labeling (II) certification" certificate and the use of type II China Environment logo, which is first time in China's papermaking industry.

In March 2009, 6 Paper Making Company and 2 Forestry Company finished assessment of carbon footprint. APP is also the first domestic paper making company in the comprehensive assessment of carbon emissions of enterprises.

In 2008, in the aspect of sustainable development, APP is proposed based on China, commitment in non-pollution development.

Gold East, the company under the group applied for listing on the A share. So far, APP has 32 thousand employees in China, with total assets of 70 billion, the total production capacity of about 7 million tons, together with the investment in Indonesia, according to pulp and paper production ranking has risen to the top 5 pulp and paper industry.

In the end of 2008, APP has been titled the "most loved foreign-funded enterprises in China, and won the" China Charity award".

At the same year, APP Group ranked the third of 2007 HURUN Chinese philanthropist list", Second only to China petro and State Grid. And also titled one of the most responsibility enterprises of 2007 HURUN list.

In 2006, Guangxi Jingui pulp paper start a new program, Planning of mechanical bleached white pulp paper of 300000 tons and a project of 600000 tons of high-grade cardboard. Jindong paper won the first place in "2003-2005 national 100 stars of overseas enterprise”

In 2004, China's largest pulp production enterprises, the world's largest single pulp production line, representing the world's most advanced level of environmental protection of Hainan Jinhai Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd. was officially put into operation. The same year, Jindong “number three” machine was put into production. Ningbo Zhonghua paper issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration's "national environmental friendly enterprise" award, the group ranked the first of "Hu Run 2005 Chinese mainland charity enterprise list”

In 2003, Ningbo Asia Pulp Paper Co owned the world largest yield, the most advanced technologically industrial paperboard production line put into operation. The same year, the group was ranked the second place of the "Forbes 2004 China Charity list" foreign investment enterprises. Gold East Paper also won the highest honor of national environmental protection ,the first batch which issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration of the title “national environmental friendly enterprise".

In 2003, Guangxi Jingui pulp and Paper Industry Co. Ltd. was established. At the same year, Gold East and Ningbo won the first and second place of "100 star of overseas enterprises of year 2000-2002"

From year 2000 to year 2002, Although attacked by Asian financial storm, but the major project such as Gold East “number two” machine construction is still carried out smoothly.

APP (China) headquarters was established in Shanghai.

Hainan Jinhai Pulp&Paper CO.LTD was founded in 1999.

APP (China) by the international famous magazine “Forbes” named the first Indonesian finance consortium.

Established in 1997, coated paper production enterprises in the world's largest single plant.

Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., the production of high-grade coated paper, now has reached an annual output of 2 million tons.

Established non carbon paper production enterprises with China’s largest : Gold Huasheng paper (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co. Ltd, Gold Hongye paper (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co. Ltd,, Yalong paper products (Kunshan) Co., ltd

APP establishes the first planting base in Guangdong in 1994. Become the forerunner of the practice of forestry pulp paper integration. So far, it has invested about 400,0000,000 Yuan, about 4,700,000 acres of forestation in China. It is the largest domestic forest pulp and paper enterprises.

The same year, the Asia Pulp Paper Co (APP) was incorporated in Singapore.

APP (China) enter to Chinese to develop in 1992 and established the first joint venture, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd, The production of high-grade coated paperboard.

In 1985 the group's acquisition of Yongji Paper Co. ltd, and began formal operation of paper and pulping industry.

In 1976 the group set up Wei Chemical Paper Co., Ltd., began formal operation of paper industry

The development of acquisition of Indonesian Surabaya a small factory to pulp and paper industry of sodium hydroxide in 1972, become the source of APP.

Indonesia's Sinar Mas Group was founded in 1962 by the international famous Chinese Mr. Huang YiCong.